Thursday, 16 October 2014

Narrative: Rough Timeline Structure / Story Breakdown...

So after our tutorial with Alan on Tuesday we have finally come up with an idea that would work for our animated short.
So basically we are planning on having a fixed camera and the animation starts with a boy working alone in a card factory.
  •  A girl enters.
  • The boy looks at her and smiles but she doesn't see him.
  •  They start to take alternate glances at each other.
  • 10sec
  • He tries to send her a love card along the conveyer belt but as it approaches her, her mind becomes focused on something else and it goes by without her seeing.
  • 20sec
  •  He then sends a card with music but by the time it gets to her, the music has died so she rejects it.
  • 30sec
  •  He then tries a paper plane but it tragically lands in the paper shredder.
  • 40sec
  •  She opens the window next to her.
  •  In his final attempt to get her attention, he makes an origami bird and sends it to her.
  •  When she sees it, she doesn't reject it but picks it up, intrigued.
  • 50sec
  •  A gentle push of air makes the bird flutter a little then a more forceful gale comes along and carries the bird back to the boy, her eyes following the bird with curiosity and then she realizes...
  • 60sec
  • END

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