Friday, 17 October 2014

Character Building

I keep trying to figure out how to draw my character and what type of figure they will be. So I began research drawings. I find that it helps me to understand the character more when I see images of drawings. I see what I like and don't like and begin building my character. 
Heres some images I found helpful. 


I started looking into the different types of expressions each person makes. It's hard to create expression on a face when you don't know exactly which one is which. The expression I'm really looking for is love and love sick. A silly/foolish look on a boy. 

Using the lessons and tips that Justin has thought use I wanted to build the character using shapes. Our character in the factory isn't strong but he isn't weak. He's not big built but he's not skinny. He's sort of a built of the factory, clumsy and box like. 

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