Monday, 13 October 2014

Ending Ideas

Narrative Endings

I came up with a few ideas for the ending of our story. At the end after the boy has tried everything to get the attention of the girl and she still hasn't noticed the boy. 

- One idea could show the boy walking up to the girl and taps her on the shoulder and hands her a rose. She looks up at him with hearts in her eyes. 

-Or when he walks up to her and takes her hand and kisses it. 

-Or he goes over to her taps her and closes his eyes, puckers his lips and leans in close for a kiss. 

-The girl looks over her shoulder at all the cards that has been sent over to her. You don't see what happens after if she notices them on the floor or not. The camera shows the boy busy about to set up another plan when the girl walks over to him and shows him all the cards. She has hearts in her eyes and she kisses him on the cheek. 

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