Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Narrative: Updated Slide Design

Scarlett suggested that I add the origami bird as it is does play quite an important role in the animation, so I've done that. She also mentioned about adding colour but I've decided to keep it black and white as I don't want too much distraction from the information.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Narrative: Presentation Slide Design

Here's the design I've made to go on the background of our 'Making Of' presentation, I just left it cute and simple.
 Here's some example slides:


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Narrative: Female Character Head UV - Starting

Head and eyebrows have been done, work on the eyes and hair will continue tomorrow.

Narrative: Female Character Head Model

Boy Skeleton Complete

Narrative: Starting To Lay Out UV's For Boy's Head

I was asked to help with laying out the UV's for the characters, and started with the boy's head, I needed to learn more about UV mapping anyway so was happy to give it a go! I started by following the tutorial for UV mapping the head but came across problems when trying to unfold the model. It was modelled by Will and there was some more complicated areas, but after a lot of playing around with settings / etc, Alan managed to find the problem and delete some extra vertices hidden inside the model. It still refused to unfold so we had to cut the model up into smaller sections so it was more manageable for Maya to deal with. I think it was unfolding really slowly because the head was quite big at the back and the insides of the ears had some complicated geometry. We got there in the end!

Refining the Boy Character

With Alans help I refined the model by attaching the hands, adding a bottom and helping wills modeling with edges here and there. I think the boxy-ness that will created within the model looks really good and stylist fitting our scene and story. 

Narrative: Starting To Fill Scene

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Girl Body Model so far

Heres the body part of the model and hopefully tomorrow it will be finished and I can attach the head that Gemma has been modelling. Then the characters are finished with the odd refinement here and there.

Boy Character Body Model

Overall model for the boy character, some refinement needed in clothing and hands.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Narrative: Male and Female Character Design Development

After getting together the four of us discussed what we wanted for the characters in our animation. My main idea for the male characters was a squarish design and for the female more circular (I looked at couples such as Carl and Ellie from Up for inspiration). 

Now that I had a decent idea of how I wanted these characters to look, I worked on them digitally to make it easier to adapt the style for the both of them.