Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Narrative: Post-Tutorial Feedback

So today we came to realise we all had some usable element  from all of our ideas but we just weren't fully there. Alan gave us a few ideas to push us along in the right direction and gave us some material to look at. As the character is working in a factory day in, day out, same routine etc... he is sort of, 'becoming the factory' and blending in with this robotic style of work so Alan mentioned ex-student Molly Bolder's 'Proportion' which is based on depression/anxiety which could link in with our idea (see below).

He also mentioned the film Mary and Max for us to watch as Max's character is similar to what we aim for our character to be, so we will be definitely be watching that soon for inspiration. 
 I really like the idea of the animation starting off with no visual but just the repetitive sound of our character in the factory process; either stamping something down or screwing something onto something else. So first the audience are curious but then cuts in to show the monotonous and dull space of what is going on. By the end of the animation, his actions will portray something contradicting his depressing factory environment and his initial boring routine, make light of his situation. 
 As a group we are now going start finalising the narrative and making some rough character designs.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Narrative Ideas and Style Inspiration

"In the Factory"
"Actions speak louder than words"

The first thing that came to mind for me was an indistinguishable type of environment. Factories have order, an unchanging routine. So if we were to go down this route, what type of narrative would we want to go with?

The few things I've thought of at this point are things like going against the system, breaking the cycle

This is just the basis of the type of idea I have for the narrative so it needs a lot more research and development on my end. For now I wanted to show some examples of the type of idea I have in regards to both an indistinguishable environment and going against the system.

This animation has been a favourite of mine for a few years now with how it addressed the monotony of school and its unbreakable routine. I thought it was a good example for my idea with its indistinguishable characters and breaking the cycle.

Another example of breaking the cycle and going against the system. She mentally beats her job which is centred around this statue, and literally beats it by finally walking away from it.

Worn Down Factory vs Shinny New Factory

I really like the idea of using love as our basic theme. There's a lot of relatable meanings that can be taken from love.

I had two ideas that maybe we could use. 

The first idea was to go with maybe creating our factory to be a shiny new factory like Charlie and the chocolate factory but maybe do something like a sweats factory. We could come up with really cool designs like in Wreck it Ralph.


We could use our paintings skills to help build out world with matte paintings that way we can all really collaborate our work into our idea?

Check this video out I really like the matte paintings near the end at about 1:50 in.


We could go completely on the other end of the scale make the factory really old and dusty. Run down and creaking from everywhere. Create a story from some old man living there who had promised to keep the place running to his late wife but has been too lazy.


 A new factory just opened and this new girl or boy who starts there and finds this room and was told never to go in the room and one day he goes into the room and it leads into another world completely mirrored but then he can never get back or something. Like he/she shouldn't have gone in after he said he/she wouldn't. 

Narrative - Group Project, Initial Ideas...

For the narrative project I was grouped with Scarlett and Gemma. We haven't managed to speak to each other much in person but across social networks we have put a few ideas here and there. At the briefing, we found out that our animation will be based upon the quote "Actions speak louder than words" and it will take place "In the Factory". My first thoughts being that it can be about love as this is what the quote is most commonly known for, and the factory part just made me think of scrap metal parts and machines that can come alive like humans, similar to that in Beauty and the Beast, but more 'Steam-punk'. So a quick animated short that is like the product of 'Paperman meets Wall-e'.

We have also decided on the name of 'Cogworks Studios' for our group as we have a Factory theme for our animation and we are working together (like cogworks or cogwheels would). Here is my first design for a logo...

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Style Inspiration


I like the classical music with no voices just sounds. I think that this is really strong and we should go with it because we cause really highlight some good sound affects. Plus the work could really speak for itself that way. Especially when a minute is not long at all. It simplifies things down. 

La Luna

Love love love this animation. Small boy big dream and its so beautifully done with the colours and negative space. I think we could use something like this to set a really good atmosphere to our work.

Narrative Ideas and Style Inspiration

"In The Factory"
 "Actions Speak Louder Than Words"

Idea 1

For my first idea I thought of something that reminds me of the quote "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" and the first thing that came to my mind was love. A lot of things to do with love have to do with proving loves worth. Empty promises that can only be fulfilled with actions; like the big gesture to show the other person how much they really mean to them.

In a shoe factory two people a boy and a girl are arguing. Cut into the scene and you see pictures of the two of them with classical 40's music in the background. The camera shows pictures of two people who are clearly in love and happy. Panning towards the right side of the room, you the notice the couple in an argument. For what reason you are unsure at the moment. Until you see the girl pointing out the window to all the people outside who are having fun and laughing. The both of them looking tired and dirty. The next scene shows the girl working hard making shoes and always watching out the window at people paying in the park. One day the boy catches her looking at a pair of shoes that she made. She looks down at her hands which are all dirty and worn from working hard all day. Then looking up at the shoes as if she longed for them to be hers. The end scene shows the boy bringing her a box with a nice big bow tie on it to match his outfit. When she opens the box a small card sits on top of the pair of shoes she wants. She embraces her love and the ending shows the both of them dancing outside in the moonlight. 

Idea 2

Another thing that came to mind when I hear that quote and associate it with a factory made me think of danger and cautions to being in a place where so much accidents could occur.

In a factory many things are dangerous and could cause harm so people are told daily to be cautious and make sure to wear their helmet. This one old man keeps ignoring the cautions by his friend and coworker about wearing a helmet at all times. 
The old man one day slips up next to the water fountain at work. He ends up hitting his head against the floor and eventually ending up in hospital where he cannot go back to work for a whiles because he's broken his arm. His friend comes into the hospital to see how he is. He brings him a boxed gift and in it is a helmet and on it says caution I do not listen. 

Idea 3

I thought about how actions speak louder than words can also be associated with promises being made and broken. Like people not living up to expectation or things they promise to do for you. Like for example people are always asking for favours which it includes doing something for someone, going out of your way for them thinking maybe that kindness would be reciprocated back to you eventually. 

Like most things in life it doesn't and maybe its shows two friends. One person really needs a hand with something and asks for a favour and the other friend goes out of her/his way for them. Eventually later in the story they need a little help back but the other friend just acts like they don't care or don't even show up when that person needs them. 

First Post

Hi Guys!
Right so basically we haven't  posted anything yet on the group blog so get us going so I thought that I'd be the first to ease us in now that we have decided on a name which is 'Cogsworks Pictures'. I've changed the site name and everything so now we can get stuck in.
How have you all been getting on with ideas and narrative plans?
Ill be posting my three ideas on here tonight followed by some styles and videos I like.
Cant wait to see what you have been up to.