Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Final Animation

Narrative: Credits

Animation Stills


Making Of... Love Birds

Character and Enviroment Textures

Second Half Animation Playblasts

Lamp Textures

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Boy Character Eye Control Added

Narrative: Environment Textures

 Now that I had a good idea of the lighting I was able to concentrate on the texturing that we wanted. 

Changed the grating floor to a smaller, diamond shaped texture and reduced reflectivity.

Added a rusted brass texture to the machinery.

To differentiate between the boxes "UP" lettering added to them. Small screws were also added to the rollers on the conveyor belt so when animated a sense of movement is given.

"Valentine's" posters added.

Lighting touched up slightly and handed over to add the characters into the scene.

Girl Character Rigged and facial Rigged

Boy Character Body Rig

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Narrative: Textures For Factory Floor Idea

In response to Gemma's progress on environment post, I think that having the walls and floor all the same colour is a bit too much and doesn't feel as dynamic and interesting as it could be. Here some examples of textures that I personally, think would look better on the floor - like rough concrete or an old rusting metallic surface. Then we could just have the walls, lighting getting gradually a more romantic tone.

  Also Will and I thought the machinery could be a bit more reflective but rusty as everything looks like it has a similar texture at the minute. Like the examples shown below: