Monday, 29 September 2014

Worn Down Factory vs Shinny New Factory

I really like the idea of using love as our basic theme. There's a lot of relatable meanings that can be taken from love.

I had two ideas that maybe we could use. 

The first idea was to go with maybe creating our factory to be a shiny new factory like Charlie and the chocolate factory but maybe do something like a sweats factory. We could come up with really cool designs like in Wreck it Ralph.


We could use our paintings skills to help build out world with matte paintings that way we can all really collaborate our work into our idea?

Check this video out I really like the matte paintings near the end at about 1:50 in.


We could go completely on the other end of the scale make the factory really old and dusty. Run down and creaking from everywhere. Create a story from some old man living there who had promised to keep the place running to his late wife but has been too lazy.


 A new factory just opened and this new girl or boy who starts there and finds this room and was told never to go in the room and one day he goes into the room and it leads into another world completely mirrored but then he can never get back or something. Like he/she shouldn't have gone in after he said he/she wouldn't. 

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