Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Narrative: Post-Tutorial Feedback

So today we came to realise we all had some usable element  from all of our ideas but we just weren't fully there. Alan gave us a few ideas to push us along in the right direction and gave us some material to look at. As the character is working in a factory day in, day out, same routine etc... he is sort of, 'becoming the factory' and blending in with this robotic style of work so Alan mentioned ex-student Molly Bolder's 'Proportion' which is based on depression/anxiety which could link in with our idea (see below).

He also mentioned the film Mary and Max for us to watch as Max's character is similar to what we aim for our character to be, so we will be definitely be watching that soon for inspiration. 
 I really like the idea of the animation starting off with no visual but just the repetitive sound of our character in the factory process; either stamping something down or screwing something onto something else. So first the audience are curious but then cuts in to show the monotonous and dull space of what is going on. By the end of the animation, his actions will portray something contradicting his depressing factory environment and his initial boring routine, make light of his situation. 
 As a group we are now going start finalising the narrative and making some rough character designs.

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