Thursday, 20 November 2014

Narrative: Starting To Lay Out UV's For Boy's Head

I was asked to help with laying out the UV's for the characters, and started with the boy's head, I needed to learn more about UV mapping anyway so was happy to give it a go! I started by following the tutorial for UV mapping the head but came across problems when trying to unfold the model. It was modelled by Will and there was some more complicated areas, but after a lot of playing around with settings / etc, Alan managed to find the problem and delete some extra vertices hidden inside the model. It still refused to unfold so we had to cut the model up into smaller sections so it was more manageable for Maya to deal with. I think it was unfolding really slowly because the head was quite big at the back and the insides of the ears had some complicated geometry. We got there in the end!


  1. Hi Megan

    Can you...

    1) When posting always write about your work. Bring context to the work even if its just a brief sentence .

    2) I'm not suggesting that you should always include my name but given that you had problems with the model and it stopped you unfolding the UV's (A bit of drama - even though it wasn't your model) it would good to detail what happened for future reference.